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Solar Control Laminated Glass

• It is a modified glass lamination interlayer​.
• It outperforms standard pvb in terms of solar energy insulation properties.​
• NanoKool S™ is customized for the yacht glazing industry that require solar control configurations not easily adapted to the inclusion for any type of glass coatings. ​
• NanoKool S™ presents solar absorbing inorganic nanoparticles to enhance the solar control performance of the laminated glass.​
• It helps to reduce sun glare​.
• Absorbed solar energy by the interlayer is re-radiated and convected symmetrically or asymmetrically (depending on glass composition) to both exterior and interior in much slower pace compared to direct solar transmission. ​ ​

Performance Numbers​

Nanokool S™ vs. Standard pvb​

Light Transmission​Shading Coefficient​Efficacy Increase​
NanoKool S™​ %75​ 0.63​ %31​
Standard pvb​ %89 0.91

- Glass composition: 3mm Float + 0,76 interlayer + 3mm Float​

- Shading coefficient, is a value that determines one type of thermal performance of a glass unit. Essentially, it is the ratio of solar gain (due to direct sunlight) passing through a glass unit to the solar energy which passes through 3mm Clear Float Glass.​ ​

Nanokool S™ at Navigating Positions​

Light Transmission​Shading Coefficient​Efficacy Increase​
NanoKool S™
%78 0.55​ %28
Laminated Glass ** %87 0.76

- Glass composition:
* 6mm Ultra Clear + Nanokool S™ + 6mm Ultra Clear
** 6mm Float + 0,76 pvb + 6mm Float​

- The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the percent of solar energy incident on the glass that is transferred indoors both directly and indirectly through the glass. The direct gain portion is the solar energy transmittance, while the indirect is the fraction of solar energy incident on the glass that is absorbed and re-radiated or transmitted through convection indoors. ​

- Minimum allowable light transmission for car windscreens is: %70 in U.S.A & Japan / %75 in Europe ​ ​

Tinted Nanokool S™ ​

Light Transmission​Shading Coefficient​
NanoKool S™
2x Marine Grey ​
%20 0.21
NanoKool S™
4x Marine Grey ​
%6 0.08