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Aerospace Transparencies

Aircraft windshields and canopies must work in toughest conditions and possess special technologies. Therefore, aerospace transparencies can be reffered as the peak point of glazing technology. As BCE proudly proceed to develop in this strategic segment, it will successfully transfer and adapt innovative aerospace technologies to the specific needs of other sectors.

Structural Materials

Thermally Toughened Glass

Reinforcement of glass with thermal process. In terms of optical quality and strength Thermally Toughened Glass remains limited in comparison with Chemically Toughened Glass .

BCE IonGard® – Chemically Toughened Glass

Reinforcement of glass with chemical process .IonGard provides exceptional strength and superior optical quality. Any shape and thickness of glass can be toughened with IonGard™.

BCE PolyGard® - Stretched Acrylic

Processed acrylic with improved resistance against stres , fissure , crack propagation and solvents.


As a very light and impact-resistant material Polycarbonate intensively used in Aerospace transparencies. Polycarbonate is mainly used with a protective coating againt solvents and scratches.


Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB)

PVB is suitable to laminate glass plies and it ensures durability against bird-strike .


Polyurethane interlayers offer wide range of applicability and superior bonding between glass, acrylic and polycarbonate resulting in excellent physical properties over a wide temperature range

BCE SafeLamex® - Ionoplast Interlayer

SafeLamex® is a Ionoplast interlayer with low mechanical strain under loads and outstanding post breakage resistance to creep and collapse. SafeLamex™ is very durable against UV rays and temperature differences.

Thermolamex® Heating Systems

Thermolamex W®

Heating structure embedded in the interlayer Nearly invisible resistance wires placed parallel in a sine wave form and winded in to the interlayer .

Thermolamex C®

Heating structure on the glass . Invisible conductive coating on glass generates heat when powered .

Thermolamex® Heat Sensors

Specially designed heat sensors embedded in the interlayer for accurate heating just in time

Solar Control Systems

BCE NanoKool® – Encapsulated Solar Films

Transparent film that encapsulated between layers of laminating interlayers. BCE NanoKool® spectrally-selective metallic coating actually reflects destructive infrared and UV rays without impairing visible light transmission.

Solar Coatings

Special coatings on transparencies for reflecting solar radiation.

BCE EmiShield® - Protection Against Electromagnetic Interference:

BCE EmiShield® protects againts The electro-magnetic environment created by radars, HF and UHF transmitters, and possibly high energy electro-magnetic impulses, creates interferences for the on-board instrumentation.

BCE NanoShield® - Protective Water Repellent Coating:

Is a highly hydrophobic coating for glass that provides aircraft windshields with permanent rain-shedding properties to ensure a clear vision in all weather conditions.

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