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Curved Windscreens and Windows

Especially for luxury yachts, large curved glass with complex shapes are playing an important role in aesthetics and aerodynamics. With 40 years of experience and patented technologies in hand, BCE Glass is capable of designing and producing marine windows in all shapes and dimensions..

BestCurve® Glass Bending Technology

The challenging nature of current yacht design trends left the common bending and processing technologies incapable. Ordinary glass forming systems are not adequate to meet the complexity and quality requirements of the latest yacht building trends.

In order to satisfy the most demanding requirements of yacht designers, BCE designed patented BestCurve® Glass Bending Technology. The main principle of BestCurve® is preventing any mould part from touching to glass while bending in high temperatures and computer controlled concentration of thermal radiation on deep curves. The resulting products are always source of satisfaction.

• Custom built 15 high-tech bending furnaces for prompt delivery.
• Advanced bending technology for bending most complex geometries
• Best possible optical quality with BestCurve® Glass Bending Technology.
• Possibility to bend glass up to 80 mm thickness.
• Never cut after bending to prevent post-breakage.
• All other technologies can be incorporated with BestCurve®
• Largest Dimensions in industry

Maximum Dimensions

One piece frameless panoramic view can only be obtained with larger windows. BCE is able to produce curved Windows/windscreens (with no performance reduction) in dimensions up to 8000 x 3200 x 1800 (Depth) mm and flat thermally toughened glass in dimensions up to 9000 x 3210 mm, which is the largest in marine glazing industry. Now it is possible to see your way without any separation.