Protective Water Repellent Coating

BCE's NanoShield® is a patented protective coating that fills in and covers the microscopic craters on the outer layers of glass, giving it long-lasting resistance to water build-up and increased scratch resistance. This procedure creates a cross-linked bond (permanent chemical bond) that greatly reduces maintenance on glass surfaces.

  • • Repels water and oil
  • • Is easier to clean, allowing salt and other contaminants to be easily washed away
  • • Gives greater impact and scratch resistance
  • • Protects against graffiti, dirt and stains
  • • Protects against finger marks
  • • Gives greater protection against calcium and sodium deposits
  • • Antimicrobial
  • • Neutral color, does not affect the energy performance of glass
  • • Glass is 20% brighter
  • • Glass surface is 30% smoother