Rail Vehicles

Railway Glazing demand several leading glass technologies to be integrated in one product. Heatable glass to melt ice and mist, ultra resistant glass to cope with all kind of harsh conditions, special coatings and interlayers for solar and sound control, integrated systems for multi functionality are some examples of glazing technologies that is used for railway vehicles today.

Thanks to our experience and technologies in hand, BCE Glass has all the potential to satisfy increasingly demanding specifications required for railway glazing.

Following features can be incorporated

  • • Curved-"State of the art" glass bending technique
  • • Heat Tempered or Chemically strengthened glass (Ionguard®)
  • • Thermolamex™ Wire Filament Heating-Custom designed for each model, to assure years of problem-free operability.
  • • Solar Control*-Optimized solutions for minimum solar gain and maximum transparency
  • • Tinting-top band shade or complete tinting
  • • Anti-reflective glass for better night vision
  • • Integrated antenna
  • • Metal framed
  • • Dot Matrix fade out on the edges
  • • Special laminates for excellent impact resistance
  • • Anti-Spall protective inner layer
Railway Vehicles

BCE is a longstanding supplier of electrically heated windscreens and windows to Rail vehicle manufacturers like Hyundai Rotem, TUVASAŞ and Turkish locomotive manufacturer and exporter TULOMSAS.