Armoured Glass Products


BCE is one of the leading manufacturer of security glazing and delivers a broad range of innovative and high quality transparent security laminates with (or without) ballistic frames with below product types:

  • • All Glass Laminates
  • • Glass - Polycarbonate Laminates
  • • Glass - Ionomer Laminates
  • • Symmetrical Glass clad Polycarbonate Laminates

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Each of these four systems have their own pros & cons, BCE provide professional consulting by security advisers to offer you the most suitable transparency according to your requirements and fulfil your security needs perfectly with all the transparency technology in hand, incorporated with the "state of the art" glass bending and composite laminating techniques. We offer protection against from a plain street assault with a 9mm hand gun, to an all out attack up to 12.7mm machine gun. Whatever the threat level, we can produce the optimum composition to insure maximum security.

  • BCE Armoured Glass Market Segments
  • • Commercial and Government Buildings
  • • VIP residences
  • • Revolving Security Doors
  • • Armoured Towers
  • • Armored Military and Civil Vehicles
  • • Armored Military Marine Vehicles

Armolamex™ Armoured Glass for Vehicles

By combining 30 years of experience in Automotive and Armoured glazing and constituting close cooperation with armoured vehicle manufacturers, BCE became one of the few manufacturers in the world that can apply all current armoured glazing technologies for armoured vehicles while keeping the optical and lamination quality at maximum level. Non-misting or anti-icing heating system (Thermolamex®) can be incorporated in the armored glass, as can satellite, GSM, or normal radio frequency antennas, inaddition to solar film interlayer water-repellent nano coatings (NanoShield®) and anti-spall film, thus offering our clientele a wide choice of possibilities to customize armored vehicles with all the available optional extras for maximum comfort.


Armolamex™ Armoured Glass for Buildings

No-spall and low-spall composite laminates for buildings are manufactured for blast and ballistic protection and supplied with ballistic steel frame. All high-risk environments like Banks, Military Facilities, Armoured Towers, Prisons, Detention Centers Embassies and Government Ministries are the natural destination of BCE's composite security panels.


Armolamex™ Armoured Glass Against Forced Entry (FE)

BCE's transparent composites Against Forced Entry are used where glazing is required to resist penetration for some considerable time, such places are like, shops selling valuable goods, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, airports, police stations, consulates.

These types of attacks are usually planned, sustained attacks executed by more than one intruder having experience of security glazing and using more than one type of weapon.

Forced Entry transparencies are high quality multifunctional anti-penetration composite panels which can be produced with All-glass, Glass-Polycarbonate and Glass-Ionomer Technologies The protection level of each product is defined by its threat level, measured in terms of time or tooling. 4 classes of Forced Entry laminates are especially designed for protection against prolonged physical attack:

  • • 15 minutes FE
  • • 30 minutes FE
  • • 45 minutes FE
  • • 60 minutes FE

Armolamex Forced Entry Laminates are suitable for shops selling valuable goods, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, airports, police stations, consulates.


Armolamex™ Armoured Glass for Revolving Security Doors

Perfect edge finish and overall quality of BCE curved security laminates enables revolving security door manufacturers to use even frameless curved security glass on revolving security doors.


Armoured Framing

All glazing options need a specific framing system for the optimum solution. Armoured sliding window frames built from special armoured steel for armoured projects, specially designed insulating frames for heated glass or double curved aluminium profiles suited for large sized double curved glasses are some of the examples of nonstandart custom frames that must be designed and produced for every specific project. BCE hold it's reputation as one-stop-partner by supporting our clients in every step of their project including the framing systems. BCE offer advice, design and produce custom frames and windows for your specific project.


Thermolamex® Heated Armoured Glass

It is vital to clearly see your way in every weather condition, even light fog and frost can reduce visibility, BCE Thermolamex® Heatable windows can de-ice and de-mist a window in less than 5 minutes at -10°C. The advantage lies inside the glass itself. Sinus shaped invisible wires or invisible coatings, either can efficiently remove ice or mist in the coldest temperatures.



Smooth and shiny edges of glass products are essential not for only aesthetics but also for impact resistance and safety. In BCE, Armolamex armoured glass units can be grinded and polished with state-of-the-art CNC grinding machines.

EdgeGard™ Edge Protection

EdgeGard™ is a patented permanent laminated seal around the edge of the glass which protects the laminated glazing unit from chemical attacks, moisture and water with a premium polished finish on the edges.