Thermolamex® - Electrically Heating Glass and Steam-Free Mirror

Ice, snow, mist and coldness are always problem for architectures and residents.

Thermolamex® is BCE's new type of glass and mirror that offers absolute solution for these problems. Thermolamex® Heatable glass can remove snow, ice and mist in minutes while a comfortable indoor climate is created.

The advantage lies inside the glass itself. Whether you choose invisible wires or an invisible metallic coating, either can efficiently remove ice and mist in the coldest temperatures. Allowing you to enjoy clear visibility with no scraping or waiting required.

Thermolamex® is safety glass which is consist of two or more annealed or tempered glass panes laminated together. Thermolamex® heatable glass units can be double or triple insulated, and can be combined with several special features: sun protection, laminated safety glasses, super insulating properties, sound protection etc.


Thermolamex® Heatable glass remove the cold-wall effect on windows, prevent the steam forming on the glass surface, melt snow and ice form the outher surface and eliminate the thermal loss through the glass and a comfortable indoor climate is created. Thermolamex® Heatable glass is also a part of the heating system of a building therefore, it eliminates the need for radiators under the windows. It is also perfectly suitable for many applications like over-head glazings, windows in pool areas, steam-free mirrors, facades, shop fronts, glazed terraces, greenhouses, houses, offices, large glass walls etc. control towers.

Thermolamex® steam-free mirrors are perfect for crystal clear view in bathrooms or pools in every heat and steam condition. Furthermore, heated mirror products can be manufactured in custom dimensions up to 4900 x 2200 mm and custom junction options.

BCE engineers evaluate the heat and functions needed for your application and supply the most suitable product.

Thermolamex® Heatable Glass Flat Curved
Maximum Dimensions 4900 x 2200 mm 4900 x 2500 mm
Minimum Dimensions 250 x 250 mm 250 x 250 mm

* All options can be tempered and heat strenghtened