Curved and Flat Tempered Glass (Heat Treating)

A creative alternative for architects and designers, BCE bent tempered or heat-strengthened glass that is bent, during the heat-treating process, to a specified radius to create unique profiles for installations in commercial and residential applications.

The heat-treating process consists of heating glass in a high-temperature furnace (1,150º F / 621º C) then rapidly cooling it by blowing air on both surfaces. This cooling process locks the surfaces of the glass in a state of compression and the core in compensating tension. The resulting glass is strengthened.

Is five times stronger than comparable annealed glass;

The surface compression exceeds 10,000 PSI (68,9 MPa);

Retains its colour, chemical and light transmission properties after treatment;

Under impact, shatters in small fragments that are not sharp, minimizing the risk of serious injury;

  • Typical applications:
  • • Curved Balustrade
  • • Spiral Staircases
  • • Curtainwall and Storefronts
  • • Interior Glazing
  • • Structural Glass Wall Systems
  • • Display Case and Showcase
  • • Shower and Bath Enclosures
  • • Skylights and overhead glazing
Tempered Glass