Decorlamex® Special Decorative Laminates

Decorlamex® is a decorative architectural laminated glass employing a new technology that is printed special films laminated by suitable interlayers. The manufacturing possibilities are infinite. Any vectorel or high-resolution image, logo, drawing or photograph can be printed on Decorlamex® films.

The image can be selected from a list of standard designs, new designs can be created or custom designs that customers supply can be used. This technology gives much higher resolution and definition to the image than the traditional system of silk-screen printing on glass. Because the film is encapsulated between the glass panes, it is scratch-resistant. The glass panes can also be tempered for extra security.


Decorlamex® is not limited with the films. Present day technology in the laminating process enables various materials to be incorporated, combining safety and aesthetic properties in the product. BCE currently offers a wide range of possibilities like metal meshes, synthetic fabrics , marble, wood etc.

* All options can be curved, tempered and strenghtened


NanoShield® Protective Water Repellent Coating

BCE's NanoShield® is a patented protective coating that fills in and covers the microscopic craters on the outer layers of glass, giving it long-lasting resistance to water build-up and increased scratch resistance. This procedure creates a cross-linked bond (permanent chemical bond) that greatly reduces maintenance on glass surfaces.

  • • Repels water and oil
  • • Gives greater impact and scratch resistance
  • • Protects against graffiti, dirt and stains
  • • Protects against finger marks
  • • Gives greater protection against calcium and sodium deposits
  • • Antimicrobial
  • • Neutral color, does not affect the energy performance of glass
  • • Glass is 20% brighter
  • • Glass surface is 30% smoother


BCE's STARinGlass® system features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) wirelessly encapsulated inside laminated glass. Electricity flows through a pre-structured clear conductive coating, eliminating the need for visible wiring. LED glass requires virtually no maintenance; in fact, STARinGlass® can last decades without being replaced. STARinGlass® is a great way to add excitement to glass structures. STARinGlass® can be flat, curved, tinted and toughened.