BestCurve® Curved Architectural Glass

Curved Architectural Glass is one of the leading sector of BCE Glass. We are at the frontiers in glass bending technology with patented mould techniques, 30 years of production experience and close cooperation with designers and architectures. With BCE's patented bending technology BestCurve® BCE glass supply curved glass with excellent optical quality in 6000 x 3210 mm maximum dimensions. Curved Architectural Glass can be toughened, chemically strengthened, PVB laminated, Safelamex® laminated, heatable, solar controlled, reflective, screen printed, thermal insulated and armoured.

Maximum Dimensions: 6000 x 3210 mm
Minimum Dimensions: 200 x 200 mm
Maximum Depth: 1200 mm
Product Options: Annealed, Laminated,
Toughened, Insulated.

With increasing demand and expectations from architectures, common bending and processing technologies remain incapable. Ordinary bending furnaces and mould building systems are not adequate to meet the complexity of the latest architectural trends.

In order to satisfy the most demanding needs of architectures BCE designed patented BestCurve® Glass Bending Technology. The main principle of BestCurve® is preventing any mould part from touching to glass while bending in high temperatures and computer controlled concentration of thermal radiation on deep curves. The resulting products are always source of satisfaction.

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