Thermolamex™ Heating Systems

Thermolamex W™

Heating structure embedded in the interlayer nearly invisible resistance wires placed parallel in a sine wave form and winded in to the interlayer.

Thermolamex C™

Heating structure on the glass. Invisible conductive coating on glass generates heat when powered.

Thermolamex™ Heat Sensors

Specially designed heat sensors embedded in the interlayer for accurate heating just in time.

Solar Control Systems

BCE NanoKool™ – Encapsulated Solar Films

Transparent film that encapsulated between layers of laminating interlayers. BCE NanoKool™ spectrally-selective metallic coating actually reflects destructive infrared and UV rays without impairing visible light transmission.

Solar Coatings

Special coatings on transparencies for reflecting solar radiation.

BCE EmiShield™ - Protection Against Electromagnetic Interference :

BCE EmiShield™ protects againts the electro-magnetic environment created by radars, HF and UHF transmitters, and possibly high energy electro-magnetic impulses, creates interferences for the on-board instrumentation.

BCE NanoShield™ - Protective Water Repellent Coating :

is a highly hydrophobic coating for glass that provides aircraft windshields with permanent rain-shedding properties to ensure a clear vision in all weather conditions.